Institutions - Why HOST?

Interested in joining HOST?

Not about studying, not about socialising with other international students, not about tourism, HOST offers something memorably different.

HOST is a network of volunteer hosts across the UK, whose wish is to give your students a warm welcome and a unique personal experience of the British way of life.

A short HOST visit enables students to:

HOST visits give students a ‘highlight’ experience which colours their attitude to the UK forever.


Malay student with a horse

What can HOST do for you?

HOST runs a hospitality scheme on your behalf and with minimal trouble to you. Through our office and voluntary regional organisers in all parts of the UK, we will match your students with suitable approved hosts, and offer them invitations for day, weekend or Christmas visits.

A HOST visit can help your students to settle, thereby improving the conditions leading to academic success. And they will return home with an even greater sense of satisfaction about their time at your institution.


What does it cost?

Institutions which choose to join HOST pay an annual subscription relative to their size. We then provide all publicity materials, and can arrange for representatives to attend your orientation and other events to talk to students about HOST.

Thanks to the generosity of our hosts, HOST visits are free. But to help with our administration costs, there is an application fee. Some institutions pay this fee for their students; others pass part or all of it on to the students themselves.

Where students are paying a fee, the money can be collected by the university, or directly by HOST.

The current application fee is £50 + VAT for weekend and Christmas visits; £30 + VAT for day visits.

In terms of your staff time, we require an appropriate person to be designated to authorise each application on receipt of our emailed request. This means confirming that the applicant is registered as a full-time student in your institution. We will also notify this person if an authorised applicant is failing to respond to us.



Some Comments on the HOST programme

The HOST scheme provides a unique opportunity for international students studying in the UK to meet and engage with British people in their own environment. NYUL students who participate in HOST consistently state that they would recommend the scheme to other students and a majority rate the programme as the overall highlight of their four month stay in the UK. HOST is an increasingly important programme for promoting cultural engagement and all international students studying in the UK should be given the opportunity to participate.

Robert Pinkerton, ISA for New York University London


It's hard work promoting HOST when there's so much else to do, but it's definitely worth it!. Meeting and really getting on well with complete (British) strangers does wonders for students - it opens their eyes to a whole new world! Every student gets something unique out of a HOST visit - from the most assured of Chevening scholars to someone who has never travelled abroad before. 

Gerry Bell, ISA for University of Manchester