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Shilu learns to make mince pies

Authorising Applications

Authorising student applications is quick and easy. When a student submits a visit application on the HOST website, our database sends you an email containing a link to their application and asks you to confirm their student status. If the applicant is a registered international student, please click "allow" and if not, click "disallow". You can then simply keep the e-mails as a check on how many visits you have authorised.

For more information on how to operate HOST's application system, please refer to the ISAs Handbook here.



We issue invoices to our subscribing institutions quarterly. Each covers the charges relevant to the number of student applications authorised in the previous quarter. With each one, you will receive a printout of the applications included.

We encourage you to make payment by BACS into our Bank Account. This is CAF Bank, sort code 40-52-40, account number 00013220.

If you have any queries, please contact Faye on 020 7739 6292.


Orientation events and HOST socials

We offer free participation in orientation events and HOST socials to our subscribing institutions. Please contact us if you would like us to provide an information stall, presentation, or HOST tea party to show your students how a HOST visit can enrich their time in the UK.


Updating contact details

Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes in personnel who deal with HOST issues (authorisation, invoicing etc). This will ensure that no delay occurs in processing your students' applications.


Provision of Services for 2013/14

Details of HOST's services, financial systems and what is expected of our subscribing institutions are given below:


Japanese Fitness - Tak and Jane
Japanese Fitness - Tak and Jane


Recruiting hosts

Due to increasing numbers of students applying for HOST visits, we are actively seeking to increase our number of hosts.

If you can place a short article about HOST, aimed at recruiting hosts, in the staff newsletter or website,or if you are involved in a faith group or other community that could help publicise HOST, please feel free to use one of the items on our Promotion page  or contact Margaret for something tailored for you. Thank you.