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ISA Newsletter

The latest edition of HOST's ISA Newsletter can be read here:


Promotion Material

We have a range of promotional materials for both students and hosts which can be used at an event you are holding or to be placed around your institution. This promotional material is available to all Subscribing Institutions.

Please find suggestions for the use of each item below.

For Students:

3-fold student leaflet

A yellow leaflet perfect for Welcome Packs and stands. Please click the links below to see how this leaflet looks.

3-fold student leaflet side 1

3-fold student leaflet side 2

A4 poster

Ideal for displaying in smaller rooms such as lecture rooms and the international office.
A3 poster A larger poster, best displayed in bigger areas such as the student union.
Bookmarks For students. Easily given out at fairs or displayed in an international office for students to help themselves
Home Away From Home

A personalised mini-newsletter containing further guidance on how to apply for a HOST visit. Also includes student feedback.

Please note that you cannot order these but they will be brought by volunteers who may be attending your event.

For Hosts:

3-fold host leaflet A blue leaflet perfect for displaying in stands in places such as a staff room
A4 poster A poster for display in areas such as hall ways and staff rooms